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Boarding Life

The boarding house should feel as close to a family home as possible for the boarders here and we help create this by mixing activities, support, guidance and structure together to allow the boarders to develop and grow with a real sense of independence during their time here.

Our Daily Routine


(Summer time = Terms 1, 5, 6 / Winter time = Terms 2, 3, 4)

7.10 am  Wake up

8.20 am  Boarders leave for school

3.00 pm - 4.30 pm - Free time or after school activities 

4.30 pm - 6 pm  Prep (Summer) / Free Time or Activities (Winter)

6.00 pm  Evening meal

7.15 pm - 8.15 pm  Prep (Winter) / Free Time or Activities (Summer)

9.00 pm  Bedtime routine begins


11.00 am  Brunch

12.00 pm External trip

5.00 pm  Trip reurns

6.00 pm  Dinner

7.00 pm Film club / Multi Sports / Fitness suite

9.00 pm  Bedtime begins


11.00 am  Brunch

11.45 am - 1:00 pm Prep

1.15 pm Andover trip

3.00 pm  House competition

6.00 pm Dinner

8.00 pm  Film club / Multi Sports / Fitness suite

9.00 pm  Bedtime begins

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Trips & Activities

We encourage a balance of academic work and participation in extra-curricular pursuits. We help our students to develop holistic skills such as leadership, problem solving, team work and community service.


Our extensive club and activities programme presents students with a wide variety of challenging and enjoyable activities. Students are given the opportunity to develop new skills and interests in areas they might never have considered before. Boarding provides a rich opportunity for us to broaden horizons, foster life-long learning and celebrate different strengths. This learning is a way of life, not just an add-on.


Every member of our boarding community is encouraged to develop strengths and interests through our wider curriculum and is supported to do so by our boarding team.


Indeed, many activities will specifically be run only for our boarders and others are organised/run by our boarders themselves as part of their leadership development. All boarders from Year 9 upwards will be encouraged to be involved in our Combined Cadet Force (CCF) and The Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE). The Academy’s purpose built theatre and studio space presents a fantastic opportunity for our students. We have a mixture of contemporary and classic drama in a typical year, as well as regular musical and other artistic productions.


We also arrange a wide variety of trips at the weekend including paintballing, ice skating, cinema trips, bowling, tree running, go karting, laser quest, gorge-walking, crazy golf, quad biking, shopping, canoeing, archery, mountain biking, visits to Thorpe Park, Monkey World, Chessington, Legoland etc. Some activities may incur an additional charge.

Faith-Based Activities

We encourage and support your child in engaging with faith-based activities, for example, Church trips on Sunday mornings and allowing children to return to the house and rest during periods of fasting. If more support is required, we are happy to discuss this to adapt to the needs of the child.


Our boarding fees are very competitive and we offer flexibility to suit your needs and how often you wish to stay.

Whether it be 4 nights (arriving on a Monday morning and going home on Friday after school), 5 nights (arriving any time on Sunday and going home Friday after school), or as a full boarder; we are here to provide a home away from home. There is also the option for weekly boarders to stay at the weekends as and when they need to at an additional nightly cost.

Within the fees, our weekend trips to places such as the cinema, paintball, go karting, city trips and theme parks, plus many more are included, as are all meals in the boarding house and school.

Yearly (Full boarder) - £11,907

Weekly 5 night - £8,760

Weekly 4 night - £6,798

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